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Welcome to Lofty Oaks Association, where we demonstrate your compassion & thoughtfulness with memorial tree planting aftercare correspondence & follow-up.


As a cornerstone supporting reforestation in all fifty States, alongside Funeral Homes & Services nationwide, we have supported the aftercare & memorial industry with tree plantings since 1981. We understand the profound impact each person, and each planting, will play in the delicate journey of saying goodbye.

I am a
Funeral Director,

looking to offer sustainable memorial options that uniquely set our business apart.

I am a
Grief Counselor,

interested in providing our clientele with eco-conscious aftercare support.

I am a
Pre-Need Counselor,

looking to help turn sensitive conversations into positive reflections.

I am an
Outreach Specialist,

wanting to connect our firm's services with the community's values & legacy.

Why Join Lofty Oaks Association:

Meaningful Memorials

  • Elevate your services with eco-friendly options that resonate with modern values.

Community Connection

  • Showcase your commitment to the community and environmental responsibility.

Aftercare Excellence

  • Our staged aftercare process supports grieving families long after the service concludes.

Join the Movement:

Become a part of the Lofty Oaks family and redefine the funeral experience. Together, let’s celebrate legacies and sustain life.

Contact Us:

Ready to make a lasting impact? Reach out to us today to explore how you can bring the beauty of memorial trees to the families you serve.

Forest Path

Thank you for contacting us! We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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